"I guess music, particularly the blues, is the only form of schizophrenia that has organized itself into being both legal and beneficial to society."

                Alexis Korne

Lookin' In

"Lookin' In "

"They've got good fingers, but don't have the voice. Let me tell you something, the blues was meant to be played slow. And they play it too fast.
David "Honeyboy" Edwards on white performers adapting to the blues.


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Blues Radio Programs: Lansing Community College Radio WLNZ 89.7
Blues Before Sunrise: Sunday: 1-6am: Tuesday-Fri Midnight to 1am Old Time Blues Favorites
Blues Rock Show: Saturday: Midnight-1am: Blues and Rock
The Blues Beat: Monday - Friday : 10 pm - 12 midnight : Variety Blues Music
Big Band Swing: Saturday 7 p.m., Sunday: Noon, Fridays: 1 a.m.







10-23... Kathleen and Bridge Street Band, Venue:  Moriarty’s Pub, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Frog & the Beeftones Jam 8:30p.m. - 12:30 a.m., Venue:  The Unicorn, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Skory Oke Open Mic with Mike Skory, Venue:  The Exchange, Lansing, MI 8pm – 12 ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Karaoke Kraze, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Blues Jam w/ the Out of Favor Boys, Venue:  The 411 Club, Kalamazoo, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►  

10-24...Three Dog Night, Venue:  Andiamo Celebrity Showroom, Warren, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Doug Berch and Butch Ross, Venue:  Unitarian Universalist Church, East Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Root Doctor, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Duke Tumatoe, Venue:  Callahan’s, Auburn Hills, MI. ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Martila and Gee Q 9pm, Venue:  H20, 315 Columbia Ave W, Battle Creek, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Pat Zelenka Project, Venue:  Coach’s Pub, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Hoopties , Venue:  Moriarty’s, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Avon Bomb, Venue:  Reno’s Eat, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►

10-25... 12pm, Kev Nichols, Venue:  Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farms, Somerset Center, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Avon Bomb, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Frog and the Beeftones, Venue: Center Stage, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Crossroads The Resurrection, Venue:  Last weekend Event at The 411 Club, Kalamazoo, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Zydecrunch, Venue:  Moriarty’s, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►

10-26... Sunday Funday, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Greg Nagy Show with Open Jam, Venue:  Scooters, Flint, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►

10-27...Monday Night Football, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►

10-28... D J Trivia, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Open Mic w/Jen Sygit, Venue:  Dagwood’s, Lansing, MI 

10-29... Good Cookies 8-12 midnight, Venue:  The Exchange, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Johnny D Blues Jam, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►

10-30... Frog & the Beeftones Jam 8:30p.m.-12:30 a.m., Venue:  The Unicorn, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Skory Oke Open Mic with Mike Skory, Venue:  The Exchange, Lansing, MI 8pm – 12 ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Karaoke Kraze, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Out of Favor Boys Final Thursday Blues Jam, Venue:  The 411 Club, Kalamazoo, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►

10-31... Frog & The Beeftones, Venue:  Unicorn, Lansing,  MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Susan Werner, Venue: Community Music School, 4930 South Hagadorn, East Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Global Village, Venue:  Green Door, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Kev Nichols and Blue Tuesday, Venue:  A Halloween Night Full of Blooooooooos, Michigan Theater, $5 admission, 7pm, Jackson, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►

11-1... Rusty Wright Band, Venue:  Callahan’s Music Palace, Auburn Hills, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Frog & The Beeftones, Venue:  Unicorn, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ► Frog and the Beeftones, Venue:  On Tap, 3-7pm Adado Park, Lansing, MI ◄ ♫♫♫ ►

11-2... Greg Nagy Presents: Tosha Owens, Martila & Gee Daddy - w/ Greg Nagy & Friends, Also, Hank Mowry, Twyla Birdsong & John Rhoades, Venue:   Scooter's, 6004 Torrey Rd, Flint, MI